About Us

In late 2013, a young Belgian with a small but growing watch collection decided to organise a “get together” with other like minded watch enthusiasts. It seemed to be the norm to post, on a popular watch collectors forum, details of get togethers (GTG for short and is a term referring to a gathering of watch collectors in a relaxed informal atmosphere) in your town. This phenomenon was happening all over the world. In cities throughout the US and throughout Europe. Who better than fellow collectors to share your latest acquisition, or to get the chance to handle a watch you were thinking about buying owned by a fellow enthusiast.

So on November the 29th 2013 a small group of collectors met in a bar in Brussels for a few beers and some watch talk. After a few more GTG’s and a steady growth in numbers, the Belgium Watch Club (BWC) was born.

The club remained small, with no more than a core group of 11 members. We attended watch events such as Basel and Salon QP in London. We are (and always will remain) watch enthusiasts, so getting the chance to handle some of the new releases at watch events was great fun. We started to post images of new releases, events that we were invited to and also of our private GTG’s on Instagram.

Throughout 2015, we noticed an increase in interest from other collectors to join the BWC and also from some watch brands wanting to discuss how they could get access to a dedicated group of hard core watch enthusiasts that not only own on average 3 to 4 watches, but play a huge part in influencing a market by being early adopters.

Over the last few years, that core group of members have become very close friends and spend a lot of time together sharing in a passion that binds them. The interest in our little club during 2016 took us all by surprise. We were honoured to be have been featured in The New York Times.


Following this rush of publicity, we took the decision to open up our club to new members, that we do have to carefully vet. Usually, it’s through personal recommendation from a current BWC member, or through one of our Open GTG events that we hold a few times a year, where we get to meet collectors that would like to join the BWC.

We are making the transition from a small collectors club to a Social Media powerhouse (combined Instagram following of over 100K – as of Jan 2017) that will allow its members to get unprecedented access to Watch Brands that would otherwise prove difficult. The Watch Brands are now beginning to understand that putting their watches into the hands of enthusiasts in a relaxed atmosphere such as a GTG is a relatively new and powerful marketing tool that they simply can’t ignore.

Whatever the future of the BWC is, one thing is for sure, it will continue to be full of watches..