Tudor Review by MisterTudor at BaselWorld 2017

Being MisterTUDOR I was lucky enough to have been invited to the launch party of TUDOR in Basel the day before we would all freak out about the releases we were about to see at Baselword 2017.

Being a TUDOR tradition, to always tease their fans with one or two releases the day before their novelties would be released to the public at Baselworld, I was very excited to see what they would come up with this year.

We were brought to an undisclosed location somewhere close to Basel for a Food Court type of dinner where we were intended to socialise and talk watches, I was told that the singer of the band that was playing all sorts of classic covers happened to be the grandson of Charlie Chaplin.
I was lucky enough to have met a lot of the big bloggers and journalists and was able to discuss what TUDOR would bring to us this year.

Few hours in and with a tummy filled with all sorts of food goodness, someone from TUDOR started announcing the moment had arrived we would see one novelty of TUDOR that evening.

And in came all the girls holding platters filled with the brand new, TUDOR Heritage Black Bay Chrono. We got to go hands-on with all three variants, the one with the typical Rivet-style bracelet, one on brown leather strap and a new introduction to the complimentary fabric straps, a denim kind of strap, which felt so comfortable on the wrist.


The morning after we were all standing by the gates of the Baselworld halls waiting for the go-shot where everyone runs in to the halls to catch the first glimps of the novelties from ROLEX and TUDOR.

As it was my first Baselworld, I calmly strolled straight to the TUDOR booth and saw all the new novelties that TUDOR were going to introduce and since everyone was too busy looking at the new Seadweller I got to capture all the new novelties right away on Instagram Stories.

Going in to the TUDOR booth preparing for the official Press Launch for all the new novelties, I was super excited to get up close with all these new pieces I had seen through the glass.

After a super cool video about their new slogan: “#BornToDare” – we finally got to see all the new pieces in the.. “metal” I guess?

Let’s me start off by going down the list, mostly with pictures, of the new releases.

The Tudor Heritage Black Bay 41mm


After introducing the Heritage Black Bay 36 last year at Baselworld 2016, it was THE watch for me and I pre-ordered it pretty much at every AD hoping to be the first to own it. I didn’t quite feel it with the 41, I think the upgrade in size was unnecessary, some changes to the dial or metal would have been my wish. Other than that, it remains a stunning and humble watch, now also available to those whom find a 36mm watch just a little too small. It comes with either a steel bracelet or a new designed brown leather strap and of course the typical camo-nato that is complimentary with the watch.

Delivery will start right away from April 2017 at a retail price of CHF 2.800 on steel bracelet and CHF 2.500 on leather strap.

Oh yes, you are seeing this correctly: A DATE! TUDOR finally introduced the date-complication to their most successful line of watches, the Black Bay. This was in high demand from a lot of clients and I guess they listened to them. It is all housed in the new movement: MT5612.

The Tudor Heritage Black Bay S&G


S&G, standing for Steel and Gold pretty much describes it. This new Two Tone introduction to the Black Bay family, which houses the same movement as the BB Steel (MT5612), is quite a risky move I’d say, with their slogan: #BornToDare in the back of my head I’ll just go with it and say this: it is so cool! Before I tell you the price, I’ll tell you why it is so competitive. Being TUDOR and still standing behind Hans Wilsdorf’s message to the world: “I have been considering the idea of making a watch that our agents could sell at a more modest price than our Rolex watches, and yet one that could attain the standards of dependability for which Rolex is famous.” – they have chosen to just make the Bezel and end-links out of solid gold and all the other parts such as the crown and centre links out of capped gold, which isn’t plated but consists of making a solid gold cap which sits over a metal supporting structure and so saves in cost.

Delivery will start from May 2017 at a retail price of CHF 4.750 on the two-tone bracelet and CHF 3.600 on leather strap.

The Tudor Heritage Black Bay Chrono



Introducing a complete new movement to their line, the MT5813 which is based on the P.01 movement from Breitling and consists of a 70h power reserve, non-magnetic silicon balance spring by TUDOR, a column-wheel mechanism, Vertical clutch.. and of course, certified by the COSC. This great movement has a diameter of 30.4mm. And all this coolness is waterproof up to 200m or 660ft.

Delivery will start from July 2017 at a retail price of CHF 4.800 on the steel bracelet and CHF 4.500 on leather strap.

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