Longines Jumping World Cup Final

Last weekend, we were invited to the Longines Jumping World Cup final in Gothenburg, Sweden. If you are here for a full in depth review of the horse show, I have some bad news: I don’t know anything about horses. I went for the watches.

We flew to Sweden with Achim, the general brand manager for Longines BeLux. It was Achim’s first trip to the Gothenburg jumping as well, so it was fun to explore the jumping and the city together.

Saturday was the dressage finale. I was baffled to see how these horses can be disciplined.

Sunday was the jumping finale. This was more exciting and active. The Swedish crowd of course had their favorites: the cheering for the Swedish riders was way louder and more enthusiastic than for other riders. I can’t blame them, we were cheering just as loud for the Belgian jumpers. I had no idea juming could be so intense.

Big congratulations to the Swiss winner, Steve Guerdat.

But back to watches:

Since I know exactly nada about horses, I did what my sensei trained me to do: spotting watches.

Longines has launched some great stuff the last few years, and they are growing bigger and stronger each year. The ceramic HydroConquest feels amazing on the wrist, and they keep scoring home runs with their heritage line. They have really found their place today’s market, and I am curious to see where the brand will go in the future.

A big thank you to Longines for having us!

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