MB&F at Baselworld 2016

A trip to Baselworld is not the same without a visit to one of the most ambitious and creative watch brands out there. Max Busser, the founder of MB&F, has developed a vision of haute horology that has pushed the boundaries of watch making to its limits.

We spent some time with the MB&F team, talking about their new novelties for 2016 and of course taking a ton of pictures.

The first model is probably the most well known of the MB&F creations, the “Space Pirate” or officially the HM6. Previous Space Pirates came with a solid case, but this version comes with a sapphire case made from 11 machined parts. The HM6 is amended to HM6 SV, which represents HM6 Sapphire Vision. This is to date their most expensive piece at $400,000. Richard Mille and a number of other brands have introduced sapphire cases that retail at over $1000,000. Reasons for the high costs are that sapphire is incredibly difficult to machine and takes time.


The next piece is the Legacy Machine Perpetual. Limited to 25 pieces in platinum (and sold out). A successful collaboration with Stephen McDonnell, an Irish independent watch maker, this watch was designed and built from the ground up and has re-invented the perpetual calendar. More traditional perpetual calendar movements, due to their complexity, are prone to jamming and some damage, whereas the LM Perpetual is much more robust.


The next piece is the Legacy Machine 101 is particularly special because it is the first MB&F watch to boast an in-house movement. A 40mm classic (by MB&F standards). A simple but striking design dominated by the suspended balance wheel from the the twin arches.


The next series of images show the HMX Black Badger. This is a re-imagined version of the 2015 HMX machine. James Thompson aka Black Badger is the creative mind behind re-designing the rocker cover of the original HMX with high efficiency lume.






The last piece we got to play with in Basel was the HM3. A stunning design that allows you to see the watch movement in action, from the Battle Axe Rotor to the balance wheel. Everything about this piece turns traditional watchmaking on its head and is probably the watch that most clearly represents MB&F’s DNA and philosophy.






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