SIHH 2019 Recap

SIHH just finished and we all need some time to let everything sink. The least we can say is that opinions were very mixed this year.

Let’s just start by addressing the elephant in the room: code 1159.

Code 1159 has taught us a valuable lesson. It has taught us that today’s market is done with 1950’s clean dials. Even tough the new case and movement scored (-ish), big empty dials are dead. AP had to learn the hard way.

Unfortunately, I could not be present at SIHH, but I have heard from friends that the 1159 is even worse in real life. On this picture below it’s almost impossible to read the time.

The fun part is reading how the sponsored bloggers are trying to come up with positive things to say, but end up saying things like ‘the crystal is interesting.’ Let’s be honest now, that’s the equivalent of when a mom asks you what you think of her really really ugly baby, and you end up saying things like ‘the feet are small’ and ‘look at those tiny fingers.’ The baby is ugly, and so it the watch. There, I said it.

This year, the boring were punished and the brave were rewarded.

Moser scored big time with their 2 piece uniques: the nature watch and the Swiss alp minute repeater tourbillon without hands. 2 jokes obviously, but a genius marketing strategy to grab the attention.

To me, Moser is the fun alcoholic uncle of the family. We would be disappointed if he doesnt’ get shitfaced druk and falls asleep in the couch at a Christmas party. That’s exactly what Moser is doing. They can release crazy, fun stuff, because people expect nothing less from them. Once Moser has the attention, they show their ‘normal’ line, like the Pioneer and the Endeavour. The Pioneer and the Endeavour are amazing watches, but let’s be honest, most of us know Moser from the crazy cheese watch, right? That means it worked.

The conclusion is simple. Dare. The 5 biggest conversation pieces of the fair were:

  • 2 Moser piece uniques (wich will probably never even be sold)
  • a JLC with the price of a Fifth Avenue penthouse
  • a Richard Mille line from the candy store
  • The new Ressence, wich is basically a glorified 50K smartwatch. (Don’t get me wrong, I love Ressence).
  • It takes proper balls to steal the spotlight today, and with a simple, white dial, you will be publicly executed.

I am curious to see how this will reflect on sales in 2019. We’ll know next year, but by then, I will have completely forgotten about this article.

Will never be continued.

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