The brand everyone was talking about during Baselworld: OMEGA.

2017 is a year that celebrates the 60th anniversary of the launch of three legendary watches that collectors from around the world have been picking up for many years and have become such a rarity that they are currently inaccessible for most of us. 1957-2017, I’m talking about the Omega trilogy launched this year. The trilogy contains an Omega Speedmaster, Seamaster and Railmaster.


As always there was a ton of speculation concerning Omega’s upcoming releases at the world’s leading watch and jewellery show, Baselworld. Collectors, on social media, blogs and online were hoping for a re-edition of a Railmaster, Seamaster 300 or Speedmaster, all three dating back to 1957.

Omega was able to fulfill and go beyond all expectations with the release of the “Trilogy”, re-edition of the ’57 pieces. It felt like Christmas in March, literally. The beautiful retro look red box showcasing 3 amazingly well finished pieces. What more could we ask for. The aesthetics of their forefathers that have fascinated all watch aficionados and with the technical precision and improvements of current technology.


A unique digital scanning technology, used by Omega for the first time, supplied the Swiss watchmaker with accurate representations of the original pieces. The digital scans along with drawings of the original models, served as design templates for the re-editions, remaining true to the spirit of ’57.

Omega Speedmaster 60th Anniversary 1957

The perfect size, true to the original with a 38.6mm case diameter. The proportions were respected in the smallest detail, for example recreating the font to match the scale of the original ’57 tachymeter. This piece breathes passion inside out. You could name it the perfect renaissance of the Speedmaster CK2915.




The Speedmaster is equipped with the well known 1861 caliber, steel case, a matt black dial with “tropical” look, broad arrow hands, hesalite glass with the omega logo at the center (just as it should be) and a bracelet perfectly “imitating” the look of the 1039 bracelet.

Omega Seamaster 300 60th Anniversary 1957

The CK2913 is THE seamaster 300 reference, an icon. It is exactly this reference that was chosen by Omega for its 60th anniversary re-edition. Back in the day it was built for divers and underwater adventurers but quickly became an reference of innovation and style.


The Seamaster 300 has a steel case with diameter of 39mm, bi-directional aluminium bezel and sapphire crystal. The crown has the original “Naïad” sign, a mark for the exceptional water resistance back in the day.

It’s powered by the OMEGA Master Chronometer calibre 8806 with a magnetic resistance up to 15,000 Gauss. Yes, 15,000.

Omega Railmaster 60th Anniversary 1957

If you like a subtle, elegant, practical watch then one piece of the trilogy has your name written all over it. The Railmaster. It’s a double-case anti-magnetic timepiece originally designed for scientists, technicians or anyone who worked close to electrical fields.


This watch has also been designed with all the aesthetic features of the original piece. Just like the Speedmaster and Seamaster it comes with a matt black dial with Super-Luminova, indexes are slightly deepened to allow a stronger glow of the lume. It also has a sapphire crystal just like the Seamaster and comes with the same calibre 8806.

My pick?

Well, that’s a tough one, I’m honestly blown away by the whole trilogy release. My funds don’t allow me to buy all three of them so I picked the one I’m most passionate about, the Speedmaster ’57. Yes, you read well, “picked”, I’m so in love with this release that I’ve put my name down to get one. I think you need to feel these pieces to feel which one you are most connected with, make your decision upon that feeling. Like they say, let your heart make the choice.

Trilogy or non trilogy?

The Trilogy is amazing, BUT, as a vintage guy and quite a purist I would have a slight preference to the non trilogy pieces. Reason is that the pieces in the Trilogy box have a “Trilogy” stamp on the dial with the limited edition number. This might be a cool feature, don’t get me wrong, but as a purist I think it’s out of place. Which is the reason why I’d pick the non trilogy pieces.

The Trilogy box is a limited edition of just 557 pieces, I reckon they’re all sold out by now. 
The pieces are available separately but limited to 3.557 pieces worldwide.

Price for all three is 20.000CHF
The Speedmaster retails at 6.700CHF, Seamaster is 6.500CHF and Railmaster retails at 6.300CHF

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