The Very First Professional Dive Watch

The ¬†Blancpain Fifty Fathoms has an incredible history as a dive watch. It was the first watch offered to professional divers after being tested by the French Navy in 1953. The present day model has stayed true to its roots and the DNA of the original is ever-present in Blancpain’s contemporary fifty fathoms. The dive watch market is a crowded one, with Rolex arguably leading the way with their range of submariners, however, the appeal of the Blancpain is incredibly alluring. Its design is conservative and functional in nature, but the details are mesmerising. The curved sapphire crystal and curved sapphire bezel are beautiful. The watch is large, even by today’s standards, but it sits well on the wrist, with the curved lugs making it feel smaller.


Even though the Fifty Fathoms is primarily a dive watch, the polished surfaces, do give it a somewhat dressy feel if you ever waned to wear it with a tux. In our opinion it would look as good as a Rolex Submariner.


This shot taken in the Aegean waters off the Island of Paros, shows just how incredibly good the lume is on the dial. Simple and easy to read.



One of the details that really works well is the sail cloth strap. Imagine the watch with a steel bracelet, yep, just can’t see it working as well as this strap. It ticks all the right boxes, comfortable, stylish and durable.


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