The Legendary Paul Newman Daytona

There are few watches in the vintage world that provoke such passion as the Rolex Paul Newman Daytona, a cult classic and a vintage icon. ┬áBack in the mid 60’s when Rolex introduced their chronograph demand was thin on the ground. Nobody understood why they should buy a watch that could calculate speed and distance, so they didn’t buy it. The watch was a monumental flop for Rolex and stock just gathered dust.

They offered a dial as an option, called the exotic dial (pictured below on the 6264), but as the standard watch wasn’t selling, very few orders came in for the exotic dial. The legend goes that Paul Newman was spotted wearing a 6239 on the cover of a magazine in the 80’s. It turns out that this watch was bought as a gift from his wife. Italian collectors started calling the Exotic Dial the Paul Newman dial and there came the shift change. Today, they are highly sought after and extremely valuable.

Below a very rare Rolex 6264.


Considered the King of all Daytonas and probably the most sought after is the 6263.


Stunning 6241 with black dial (below)


The watch in the centre is the 6239



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