The Rolex Deepsea, the Ultimate Dive Watch

The technological marvel that is the Rolex Deepsea, is built like a tank and can withstand an astonishing 12800 ft depth. The 44mm case is large, however this is a pre-requisite for dial legibility at the depths this watch is capable of, as of course is the super bright luminescence. The case back is titanium and with the patented helium escape valve, the 5mm thick sapphire dome and the glidelock clasp, this makes the Deepsea a serious choice for commercial divers. However, few of us are commercial divers, but the technology that has gone into this watch, plus the amazing wrist presence make it a must have for many Rolex addicts.

We didn’t quite get it down to 12800 ft, but it was a joy to wear above and underwater.








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