Watchspotting @Bell&Ross Christmas Party

The fun part about not being on anyone’s payroll is being able to say whatever you want.

Last Thursday, I was invited to the Bell&Ross Christmas Party. They rented out a wonderful venue in the center of Brussels, and gave us a chance to discover the controversial BR05 line.

I have never owned a Bell&Ross, and I probably won’t buy one any time soon. They are just not my cup of tea, no hard feelings. Yet, I have a lot of respect for the brand. They are one of the few brands who have their own proper DNA, which is visible in every single watch they release. Love them or hate them, you can spot a B&R on someones wrist in a blurry picture from a mile away. Talk about a strong brand identity.

Even tough the internet hasn’t been nice to the BR05 (I must admit, I might have made a few memes myself), the skeleton one with rubber strap was a nice surprise. It’s definitely a fun summer watch I could totally see myself wearing.

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