The Gilt Rolex Submariner 5513 a Rare and Beautiful Watch

The modern day non-date Rolex submariner, owes it design to one of the earliest submariners the ref 5513. The now iconic design has retained much of its DNA through the decades. The domed glass to the mercedes hands and the multi shape hour plots. One of the most interesting and therefore highly collectable, is the gilt dial version of the 5513. The watch pictured below is from 1966. Production started in 1962 up until 1966, so considering that the 5513 had a production run of 28 years, this version, the gilt dialled version of the 5513, is very rare. The gilt lettering was applied to the dial and then the complete dial was coated in gloss to give a beautifully rich aesthetic that adds to the gilts collectability. Prices have risen dramatically over the last few years, finding one for sale, is one thing, finding one in great condition is very very difficult.


Pictured below is an even rarer 5513 dial, the “underline”. If you look closely underneath the word SUBMARINER on the dial, you will see a horizontal line. The theories as to why Rolex did this are many. The favourite is that it signalled the change over from radium to tritium, no-one really knows for sure, however, these versions are very rare and will command a substantial premium.



There is no doubting the beauty of a gilt dial. One in perfect condition with a great case and matching patina across hands and dial, is going to be tough to find but they’re out there, just got to look a little longer.


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